Officials: Bengals watch party at Paul Brown Stadium is a no-go

2022-07-29 09:29:10 By : Mr. yongke liang

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Hamilton County has taken the air out of a Sunday watch party possibility at Paul Brown Stadium.

The decision was announced Wednesday afternoon, a full day after Commissioner Alicia Reece floated the idea based on what she heard from constituents.

She had acknowledged the short time frame challenges, but believed it could be done if enough willpower was mustered. Through the day, it was evident the possibility would go poof.

Bridget Doherty, Communications Manager for the Hamilton County Administration, issued this statement:

"Paul Brown Stadium is the people's stadium. Everyone is beyond excited to watch the Bengals bring home a W against the Chiefs. Unfortunately, given the attendance uncertainty, time constraints, and numerous operational challenges including fan safety and staffing, the County cannot feasibly pull together all the logistics, for a PBS watch party in time for this Sunday's game. However, we will continue to work with all our partners including the Bengals, City of Cincinnati, the small businesses at The Banks, the fans, and others for a future way to continue the celebration. WHO DEY!"

Watching the stadium watch party decision process play out was akin to tuning in a football game and getting a test pattern. But Hamilton County had to go through the motions and contact numerous entities before landing on an official public position.

The conclusion was that logistically on short notice, it was about as challenging as winning a Super Bowl.

Reece remained undeterred, although disappointed by the decision.

She told us she would press the County leadership to start the planning process for a Super Bowl watch party at the stadium should the Bengals win on Sunday.

There would be eighteen days of advance notice for that one instead of five.

"Just like the fans who have flooded my office with calls, excited about the possibility of having an AFC Championship Watch Party at Paul Brown Stadium, I am disappointed and disagree. I truly believe that with all hands-on deck, this could have become a reality this weekend like other major cities have hosted watch parties in their facilities. This would have been huge for the fans and taxpayers to be able to have access and cheer on our team and could have also garnered national media attention. Our office even received calls where tourists were looking to book hotels in Cincinnati. I will continue to work to have greater access for the citizens to our taxpayer funded facilities. I am asking the administration to start now looking into the possibility of hosting a watch party for the Superbowl in Paul Brown stadium because I believe, that will be the next stop for our Bengals team. WHO DEY!"

Bengals fans who are staying put for the game can gather at places like Roosters in Western Hills, where the Bengal Bomb Squad will situate or at the Holy Grail, and the DORA district, where a Friday Who Dey rally will be held, or at Newport On The Levee, which is also planning a watch party or at any number of local bars enjoying a bustling wintertime business because of the Bengals success.

It certainly seemed like everybody could taste the excitement at mid-week.

Camp Washington Chili was planning to send its signature dish for Sunday's Bengal Jim tailgate at a lot within walking distance of Arrowhead Stadium.

"We gave him coneys when we played the Raiders and we beat them," recited Maria Papakirk, the owner. "We gave him coneys when we played the Titans and we beat them. So, logically we have to give him coneys cause we have to beat the Chiefs. And now we just got to think about how we're going to take it to California."

She hears "Who Dey" lately about as often as orders for a five-way.

"Every single day," she said. "I wish I could go and be a part of it, but somebody's got to stay here and run the restaurant."

As she did that, the Johnson brothers, Craig and Bruce, were inflating Big Burrow, a thirty-foot Joe Burrow balloon made of PVC tarpaulin and shipped here from China.

"People love it," said Craig Johnson. "I mean the entire tailgate people are posing in front of it. I'm not kidding. It's just crazy."

Big Burrow has its own Twitter account you can check out.

It will be deflated and packed into a tub, then bused to Kansas City where there is no 30-foot Patrick Mahomes equivalent.

"All hands on deck when we put him away cause we don't want anyone to see Joe Burrow on the ground," Johnson cracked.

He will have 500 cigars to distribute, Meat Mitch barbecue to offer and kegs of Kenny Anderson Dey Drinkin' Lager.

"I made the Who Dey hanky," he enthused while harkening back to the crushing 1989 Super Bowl loss to the 49'ers. "Sold 35,000 of 'em. What a blast that was."

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