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Another holiday season is gone, and you’re lugging the artificial Christmas tree back up to the attic. Again, you wonder, what if you could carry the tree without getting poked, or even roll it to storage? The best Christmas tree bags let you do just that: store the tree with ease.

These handy Christmas tree containers keep everything together, protect the tree (and you when you’re moving it), and come with handles and/or wheels for easier transportation. They come in a wide range of sizes and a few different styles. Plus, most are water resistant and tear-proof to get that tree through many more Christmas seasons. Our guide can help you with the decision-making process, as can our list of the top Christmas tree storage bags on the market.

Christmas tree bags are fairly simple in design, but there are some variations in materials, sizes, and a few other extra features. However, make sure to measure the tree, and keep in mind where and how the tree will be stored.

Christmas tree bags are typically made of vinyl/plastic-like materials or canvas. Vinyl/plastic is usually waterproof or, at the very least, water resistant. Look for plastic materials specifically designed to resist tears, because standard plastics may puncture. Plastic and vinyl also have the benefit of being lightweight.

Polyester or cotton canvas is the other material usually used for these bags. Oxford cotton is the highest quality, and is waterproof and tear resistant. However, it’s much heavier than plastic or polyester canvas. Durability-wise, wiry limbs are less likely to puncture either type of canvas, but moving around these heavier bags requires more muscle power.

Be sure to measure the tree. Christmas tree bags are designed to fit trees of specific heights, though most only fit that height when the tree is disassembled. Storage bags typically fit trees from 6 to 15 feet tall. Taller, larger bags cost more and are heavier, but often feature mobility features like wheels and extra carrying handles.

Height isn’t the only size issue to consider. Some artificial trees are relatively bushy. Measure the width of the branches when they’re collapsed and prepped for storage to make sure the bag has the volume for the whole tree.

Handles are what set Christmas tree bags apart from storing the tree in its original box. The bag should have at least two shoulder handles on the top. These handles are designed for one person to carry the tree. One person might be able to carry a smaller tree with the carrying handles alone.

Bags with extra handles make it easier to carry large trees, like those over 9 feet. End handles and extra handles on each side enable several people to share the work. Extra handles are especially helpful when climbing stairs or hoisting a tree into an attic.

There might be some achy backs out there just thinking about carrying a Christmas tree to the garage. Christmas tree bags with wheels assume some of the hard work. They’re more common on extra-large bags that lay flat for storage than smaller bags or upright models.

Take note of the number of wheels, where they are located on the bag, and whether they’re single or multidirectional. Bags with four wheels on casters can roll in any direction but aren’t the best for stairs. Bags with two to four wheels on a single side let the user roll heavy trees through the house without risking back injury. This type of design also works better for climbing stairs.

Upright or lying flat: that’s an important choice with Christmas tree bags. What kind of storage space is available? Upright storage can save floor space, and makes it easy to set up and take down the Christmas tree. With these bags, the bag goes over the tree as it’s standing, covering the stand and all. It’s like a big cover that lets the user carry the tree out while it’s still put together.

Flat storage allows the tree to sit on a shelf or against a wall on its long or short side. It may take more work to put the tree inside a flat storage bag, but these models often save space. Models with a rigid framework may allow stacking on top of the tree.

When it comes to Christmas tree storage, a storage box and a storage bag aren’t all that different. A box, of course, has rigid sides, whereas a bag does not. However, in shape and size, they are nearly identical because they have to store the same kind of item. Boxes typically have handles and wheels, though not carrying handles.

For those who want to stack other items on top of the Christmas tree, a tree storage box provides a firm surface. Bags are more pliable and adaptable to the given storage space.

The Christmas tree bags on our list come from several brands that produce bags in various sizes and shapes. These models performed reliably well with reviewers and stood out for their quality. Before deciding, don’t forget to measure the Christmas tree to make sure the bag has enough volume.

The Large Christmas Tree Storage Bag by Zober has a simple but effective design. It’s made of durable polyethylene plastic, which resists water, does not tear easily, and keeps out dust mites. It’s large enough to store a 9-foot Christmas tree.

Three handles—two on the top and one on the side—feature reinforced stitching to prevent tearing. This model comes in three colors: gray, green, and red. Gray blends into the background, while red or green make sure it’s easy to find the tree. A durable zip closure keeps bugs and pests out. Finally, in case the user forgets what’s in this giant bag, it has a labeling slot. However, this model doesn’t hold its shape, which can make the bag difficult to move.

The Christmas Tree Storage Bag by Handy Laundry measures 65 by 15 by 30 inches and holds trees up to 9 feet long. It’s made of heavy-duty tarp, which provides protection against water, dust, and insects. The three handles—two on the sides and one on the end—help when it’s time to put the tree away or haul it out.

Contrasting piping at the seams reinforces the structure and adds strength. And, with the red and green colors, there’s no way the user will forget what’s in this bag. The downside of a model in this size is that it can be very heavy when holding a 9-foot tree, and the handles aren’t reinforced.

The XXL Rolling Duffle Bag Tree Storage by Santa’s Bags has a little of everything, including extra storage space. The 22- by 22- by 72-inch bag includes an expandable pocket. The expansion lets it hold a 12-foot tree or extra decorations if storing a smaller tree. Made of polyester canvas, it resists water, dust, and insects.

The opening unzips on three sides, completely exposing the interior of the bag for easier loading and unloading. Four rolling casters allow for 360 degrees of movement through the house and into storage. This large bag also has five handles, providing ways for several people to help navigate it. Finally, in case it’s possible to forget what’s in this giant red bag, it has a label pocket.

The Christmas Tree Bag by Sagler 1 features a heavy-duty canvas that’s waterproof and keeps out dust and bugs. This sturdy design includes four reinforced handles, two top handles, and a handle on each end to help carry and pull the bag. It measures 50 by 20 by 15 inches and is designed to hold disassembled trees up to 8 feet tall.

Something this bag offers that most models don’t is an extra storage pocket on the side. Keep the light timer or the tree skirt here with the tree, which will make it easier to set everything up the next season. This model folds down to a small, flat size for simple storage while the tree is in action. Finally, this bag also has a label pocket, so the user won’t forget what’s hiding inside the bag. While it’s advertised as fitting an 8-foot tree, that means 8 feet of tree after it’s taken apart. Depending on the fullness of the tree, this bag may not provide enough room for a bushy tree of that size.

The Tiny Tim Totes Upright Christmas Tree Canvas Storage Bag unzips down one entire side and slides over the top of a 6-foot, fully-assembled Christmas tree. A cinch cord tightens at the bottom, leaving the tree stand visible and able to support the tree in storage. That cord also helps keep out pests, water, and dust.

Three compression straps hold branches in and create a smaller, more compact tree for storage. While this isn’t an air-tight storage option, it’s made of a durable, waterproof canvas. Reviewers like that the tree is already assembled when the next season rolls around.

The Giant Rolling Tree Storage by TreeKeeper can hold up to a 15-foot Christmas tree. To do that, it has a heavy-duty frame to add strength and structure to the bag. That frame is self-standing and keeps the bag level when it’s set on the ground.

On the interior, there’s a smaller, separate compartment to hold more delicate items like the top of the tree or a wreath. Compression straps in the interior also keep things in place and maximize the use of space. Oversized wheels fit the oversized load this bag can hold. Eleven reinforced straps—five on each side and one on the end—provide plenty of handholds for lots of helpers. The downside with this model is the price.

The Primode Rolling Tree Storage Bag adds an extra wheel to a one-sided wheel design to keep things rolling with heavy trees. Sometimes, heavier storage bags can sag in the middle. The third wheel on this model keeps the bag mobile, despite any sagging in the middle. Interior compression straps hold everything in place, creating a sturdier load.

Two top handles and two handles at each end provide anchors to carry and pull the bag when fully loaded. A single storage pocket on the side creates some extra space. This model comes in three colors: red, green, and black. Be careful in homes with hardwood floors, as these wheels may leave scratches.

The Premium Rolling Large Christmas Tree Storage Bag by Zober leaves no chance for puncture with its 600 denier (a fabric weight) oxford cotton canvas. This thick, heavy-duty material doesn’t puncture easily under normal storage conditions. It also features four handles: two top carrying handles and a pulling handle on each end. Two wheels on the end allow for easier pulling when bringing the tree out of storage or navigating it around the house.

A full-length zipper provides quick access to the entire interior. It comes in three colors: black, green, and red. There’s a label pocket on the side, too. It’s designed to fit a 7-foot tree, but some users have found that it doesn’t quite have the volume for fuller trees.

The Super Rigid Rolling Christmas Tree Storage Box by Zober provides many of the same benefits of a bag but with added interior cardboard structure, which is removable if so desired. This model fits a standard 7-foot Christmas tree in its 45- by 23- by 16-inch interior.

The height doesn’t make it practical to carry, so instead it has a pulling handle on either end. Three wheels provide better mobility when the box is fully loaded. Dual zippers open to completely expose the interior. The canvas exterior protects the tree from water, dust, and bugs. Last, there are interior storage pockets for a few extras that store well with the tree. However, those interior pockets are fairly fragile.

Zober’s Large Christmas Tree Storage Bag provides all the basics needed from a Christmas tree bag, including durable material, reinforced handles, and a sturdy zipper. For those who want an upgrade in size, quality, and features, check out the XXL Rolling Duffle Bag Tree Storage from Santa’s Bags. It has two compartments and compression straps to keep things organized and secure.

We dug into the different Christmas tree bag options, from size to type. Materials played a big role in our choices. Most people need a storage bag that resists both tearing and water, and that comes down to materials. The durability of the handles and seams also factored in when we considered materials. We also considered the quality of the closures. After all, a zipper that pops the first time it’s used won’t protect the tree much.

When it comes to types, models that lay flat are more popular. Most of our picks come from this category. However, we included an upright bag and a Christmas tree box because of the many ways trees can be stored. All in all, we considered over 50 Christmas tree storage bags before selecting the models on the list.

Holiday decoration storage can feel like a game of “Tetris.” Christmas tree storage bags get you ahead of that game. If you’re still not sure what type of bag you want or need, below are answers to some of the most common questions to get you started.

You can store your Christmas tree upright. Upright Christmas tree storage bags usually slide over the tree from the top, leaving the tree stand exposed. They typically have several straps that wrap around the tree to stabilize the branches.

A garage, attic, or basement are often the easiest places to store a Christmas tree bag.

If there’s room in the Christmas tree bag, many other items can be stored there with the tree. Buy a bag that’s a bit bigger than the tree to leave extra room for other decorations.

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